Resurrection Design Studio Strategic Partnership

Resurrection Design Studio Strategic Partnership

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Web Royalty and Resurrection Design Studio Strategic Partnership to introduce high-end Digital Graphics to the United States marketplace

COSTA MESA, California & KOLKATA, India June 01, 2011 – Web Royalty announces it has joined with Resurrection Design in a strategic partnership to introduce high-end Digital Graphics to the United States marketplace. Resurrection Design will now be able to provide U.S. clients with digital graphics, 3D & 2D animation video production and advanced architectural 3D techniques to create and build strong, lasting customer relationships. The alliance will enhance the web development services Web Royalty provides to its customers, Internet advertisers and partners in its worldwide network.

3D animation is one of the most advanced and latest trends in commercial marketing. The use of animation has become widespread, from full length features to shorts and commercials. Industries like education, entertainment, music, electronics, medical and business services have utilized animation. Animation is expected to exponentially increase as consumers demand to be entertained, dazzled and graphically seduced into purchasing products and services. Static advertising such as print ads, yellow pages, brochures and classified ads are being replaced with more visually appealing web-based media.

Web-based animation advertising opens promising possibilities to Internet advertisers. Traditionally, animation and high-end graphics has been costly and only available to large corporations and within the Movie Industry. Recently, not only has web-based advertising becoming more cost attractive, it also affords greater creative marketing opportunities with a longer media ‘shelf life’ and re-usable factor impacting a boarder audience.

The Web Royalty – Resurrection Design alliance will provide easy and affordable access to the latest trends in graphic design. Small and mid-size companies can boost their Internet marketing efforts with the use of innovative animated ads, short videos and storytelling. Resurrection Design can create scale models for architecture and set design as well as conceptual development, script writing, story boarding, animatics, character design, talking avatars, corporate video presentations, animated sales proposals short and full featured film .

“We are continually looking for opportunities to help make our customers and advertisers more successful and prosperous.” Nick Matyas, President Web Royalty. Matyas states “Our goal is to become one of the largest social commerce platforms on the Internet. The Web Royalty alliance with Resurrection Design is mutually compatible with our creative innovation, quality service, business philosophy and customer service ethics.”

“Quality and Innovation are important for us to become a global player in the Graphics Arts field”, states Sagar nil Santra, Founder and Owner of Resurrection Design. Sagar nil continues “When we look at a project we don’t just look at creating another great video, 3D presentation or graphic. We look at the overall effectiveness of what we can do for our client and the value component our client will receive.”

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Resurrection Design is a designing and animation production house offering high-end 2D, 3D design, animation, Visual effects & web services. Here we provide clients with our best services because we believe in quality and not in quantity. Resurrection Design is capable of offering international level of quality work. We are fully capable of supporting World-wide clients as by their specifications and requirements. We work mainly with business organizations, advertising agencies, interior designers and architects, engineering houses, event and entertainment companies. We create Digital Media for Real Estate, Animation, Advertising, Events, Entertainment, Sports etc.