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Wikipedia describes Website Development as a broad term for any activity in developing a website for the Internet World Wide Web.

At Web Royalty, we view ‘Website Development’ sometimes referred to as Custom Web Design as a holistic process involving continuously ongoing steps focused on meeting the client’s current and future needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients define their target audience, determine the marketing and brand objectives, and building dynamic responsive websites to meet ongoing 21st century business demands. Web Royalty applies progressive Web 3.0 and Cloud technology, HTML5, PHP 7.0, stylish aesthetics, comprehensive functionality and flow to its Custom Website Designs.

Moving your website ideas from concept into opportunities requires creating synergies that produce sustainable value to your business and for your website visitors.


  • REFLECTION : Discovering Purpose, Target Audience, Originality.
  • RESEARCH : Competition Review, Keyword Analysis
  • PLANNING : Functionality, Flowchart, Timeline
  • STRATEGY :Goals, Business Plan, Monetization
  • DOMAIN NAME : Goals, Business Plan, Monetization
  • COPYWRITING : Website Content Writing, Press Release, Supporting Articles
  • DESIGN : Custom Website Design Layout, Functionality, Colors, Graphic Design, Programming
  • SEO OPTIMIZATION : Search Engine Registration, Link Building, Submissions
  • IMPLEMENTATION : Hosting, Email Accounts, Quality Assurance, Technical Support
  • SOCIAL MEDIA : Social Media Account Setup, Campaigns, Strengthen Customer Relationships, Analytics
  • INTERNET MARKETING : Online Advertising, Social Media, Email Campaigns, and Referral Programs
  • MONITORING : Web Royalty provides a better way to run and operate a business online by offering innovative, custom designs, and extremely competitive Internet products and website solutions to our clients.
  • UPDATING : Continuously improving and updating website with new content, graphics, forms, and strategies to engage website users.

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Web Royalty is your Website Design Partner. Moving your Website Ideas from Concept to Opportunity!

Web Royalty provides a better way to run and operate business online by offering innovative Internet products and website solutions to our clients.

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Located in Orange County, Southern California. We provide Custom Website Design Services to private individuals and companies throughout the United States and World.